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Can you smell it? A silent revolution is taking place right under our noses. Scent is fast becoming the most favored marketing and design tool of the information age, as it cuts through the incessant messaging overload that confronts us. A veritable social uprising is taking place in and outside the sphere of commerce, as the public demands innovative responses to age-old challenges that are in greater harmony with nature. Scent has special capacities that are the key to many notable approaches. Whiff: The Revolution of Scent Communication in the Information Age defines a powerful future trend—based on our human biology—that promises to alter the way we do business and lead our lives.


Everything has changed. We live in a world that is not like the world of our fathers and mothers, or even our youth. In just a few short years, every facet of our lives has changed dramatically. We now live in an era of digital, wireless, connected, gadget-heavy communication. We are perpetually barraged with real-time, fast-paced, in-your-face messages. As a result, we’re tuning out and turning off in droves, overwhelmed by the constant hum of information. Our attention span has shortened and we’re numb to the new century’s pop-up ads, email gluts, TV commercials, and phone solicitations. Entirely new industries of ad-blockers, spam filters, TIVO, and caller ID were created. With every new road on the information highway, we’ve found a detour by which to avoid it.


While aroma classically has been used for perfumes and to enhance functional items, such as household cleaners and kitty litter, its latest and perhaps most surprising purpose is communication. Modern science has decoded the lost language of scent, unlocking a treasure-trove of subtle, yet significant influences. Scent has the capacity to swiftly trigger our reflexes, memories, and emotions. It can alter perception and mood. Business and marketing forces have turned to scent in reaction to the dilemmas of the paradigm shift brought on by contemporary communication technology. Because scent can now be embedded in rubber, paper, plastic, and fabric, as well as diffused into the air, incredible fresh opportunities now exist to utilize fragrance in everything we do.


In Whiff, readers will learn how the powers of scent can assist us in recognition and identification, enhance our comprehension and recall, improve our sense of direction, help us reduce errors, relax us, lower our blood pressure and insulin levels, warn us of impending danger, stimulate sexual interest, and eradicate disease from airborne viruses. Inventors are harnessing scent for impending uses such as combating counterfeiting, preventing theft, warning of earthquakes and tsunamis, capturing criminals, signaling troop movements on the battlefield, fighting terrorism, and diagnosing necessary repairs in our homes and on our vehicles and other machinery.


The $250 billion advertising industry is flailing, the newspaper industry is dying, and marketers at every front are finding it harder to gain our attention. But scent is an answer to sensory overload, a better way to engage the consumer. In addition to reporting the merits and scope of this global business phenomenon, Whiff offers readers diverse practical how-to strategies that industry leaders and entrepreneurs can put to good use in their own businesses. Through the latest scientific research, we are learning to speak and understand the ancient language of instincts and emotions that represents nature’s oldest known form of communication—so we may apply it to products, services, and brands.


Russell Brumfield and his colleague James Goldney are innovators in the scent communication field, founders and partners in the consulting firm Whiff Solutions (one of several scent-related companies they own, including several manufacturers), as well as co-founders of the Scent Marketing Institute, the current go-to resource for a barrage of media coverage from CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, The New York Times and USA Today, with an emerging platform of high-end speaking engagements and keynotes based on the contents of this book. By pouring their business experience and acumen into these pages, they’ve made Whiff a stand-alone, must-read current events book for anyone in business, marketing, innovation, or consumer science, and professionals across industry.