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How “Endorphin Branding” can trigger a patterned, physiological, feel-good response in the consumer.

Research showing an almost doubling of retail sales receipts.
Embedded scent marketing triggers used to spark sales of tread-worn tires, brake pads, fan belts, batteries, and appliances.
Combating the global trillion-dollar counterfeit trade with scent.
Fashion’s big future in scented “intelligent” and “emotional” clothing.
Life-saving scents that eradicate the killer Superbug MRSA and other deadly infectious microbes.
“Scent alarm” warning systems to alert the public of impending tsunamis, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, and school shootings.
And Many More...PLUS, how leading companies are using scent, why you must be aware of this revolution, and how you can harness the power of scent.

Your free guide to the new world of SCENT in MARKETING, BRANDING and for COMMUNICATION.


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In the last couple of decades there has been an explosion of olfactory research, and many exciting (and not so exciting ) applications of scent. From the delightfully fragrant to the down right smelly, you'll find new information, advances and happenings from around the globe, and, of course get to Ask The Whiff Guys...they look forward to your questions, comments, feedback and suggestions.

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